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Mediation Training

In 2016, 0.8% of civil cases in Oakland County Circuit Court (Michigan) reached a bench or jury verdict. The other 99.2% of cases were presumably resolved via dispositive motions or settlement, perhaps after a mediation. Studies show that nearly 70% of mediated cases result in settlements and 90% of all participants feel satisfied with mediation, even if the case does not settle.

With these statistics in mind, I decided to compliment my litigation practice with the Institute of Continuing Legal Education's Mediator Training, led by Tracy L. Allen, Anne Bachle Fifer, and Sheldon J. Stark. The course was excellent. I highly recommend, even if you do not plan on mediating cases. Before the course, I assumed all I needed to become a mediator was (more) gray hair. Now I know it requires skill and careful planning.

If you have a commercial or real estate case and are interested in exploring an out-of-court resolution, please consider me. I may not have a full head of gray hair (yet), but I will work hard to help you exhaust and hopefully reach settlement.

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